Generate a URL specifically for Google Analytics tracking code




The ga_funnel function is designed to generate URL's in order to support Google Analytics tracking standards.

To use the function, place it on the page you'd like Google to look at and then definite the URL within to match that which you have configured in your Google Analytics account.

So for the example above, this would make any page loading that tag appear as /purchase/confirmation.html which you could then mark as the confirmation page in the goal funnel for your account. By default, our templates are already configured with these tags.

For more information on goal tracking in Google Analytics, check out the article Set up Goals in Google Analytics.

Default Tracking

These are the tracking vales built into the Skeletal and other standard Maropost Commerce Cloud themes.

Page Template Funnel Value
Checkout cart/onepage.template.html /purchase/confirmation.html
Checkout Complete cart/invoice.template.html /purchase/invoice.html
Customer Login / Registration customer/login.template.html /user/login.html
Customer Registration Complete customer/register/done.template.html /register/done.html
Personalise Your Gift Vouchers cart/voucher.template.html /purchase/voucher.html
Quote Received cart/quote_invoice.template.html /purchase/quote_invoice.html
Shopping Cart cart/shopping_cart.template.html /purchase/shopping_cart.html
Upsell Page cart/upsell.template.html /purchase/upsell.html
Wholesale Customer Registration Complete customer/wholesaleregister/done.template.html /register/done.html
Wholesale Customer Registration Form customer/wholesaleregister/template.html /wholesaleregister/form.html

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