Generate a list of child products


[%display_child_products id:'[@sku@]' template:'default'%]
    [%param *header%]
        <h4>Child Products</h4>
    [%param *footer%]


The display_child_products tag prints a list of child products associated with the SKU specified in the ID parameter.

For more information about the product templates, see the thumb list tag


Name Options Description
id:'' String Product SKU
limit:'' Integer The limit of results
template:'' Name of the template without the .template.html Loads the template specified. If there is no value, it will load the default product template. This parameter is required even if it is empty
sortby:'' String brand, name, sku, shippingweight, sortorder
*header HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space above the body
*footer HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body
ifempty:'', *ifempty HTML & b@se tags If the display_child_products returns no results, it'll load this block instead
Name Example Description
[@limit@] 5 Limit set in the parameters
[@total@] 10 Total number of child products
[@total_showing@] 5 Number of child products displayed

Data Tags

These tags are available in the template specified in the template:'' parameter.

Name Product Field Example Description
[@acc_code@], [@custom_label@] Custom Label/Code 220/MDC Product identifier for eBay or accounting integration
[@actual_height@] Assembled Height 0.420 Assembled height in metres
[@actual_length@] Assembled Length 0.990 Assembled length in metres
[@actual_width@] Assembled Width 1.200 Assembled width in metres
[@allow_oversell@] Inventory Policy y y - Don't track inventory for this SKU, n - Track inventory for this SKU
[@arrival_date@] Date arrival 2018-12-31 Displays date if in the future or nothing if the date is today or in the past (YYYY-MM-DD)
[@artisit_author@] Author/Artists John Green Name of the author or artist
[@availability_description@] Availability Description New stock arriving in December Details of when the product will be available
[@available_preorder_quantity@] 79 The total of the Qty on Hand and Preorder Qty
[@barcode@] UPC/EAN 9310353080316 UPC or EAN (Barcode)
[@base_unit@] Base Unit of Measure kg The base unit of measure (ctn, ea, L,ml, cm, m, lb, g, kg)
[@base_unit_qty@] Base Unit Per Qty 2.0000 For display purposes only. Multiplies the actual qty by this qty. For example if base unit qty is 1.9 then a qty of 2 will display as 3.8
[@brand@] Brand Kingston Product brand
[@child_rndm@] MKgtM Unique identifier for the child product when displayed
[@count@] 0 Index number for each child product
[@cubic@] Cubic 0.010626 Shipping length x width x height in cubic metres
[@date_created@] 2017-11-08 Date the product was created (YYYY-MM-DD)
[@display_template@] Website Design Template custom Name of the theme template assigned to the child product. Blank is default.
[@editable_bundle@] Editable Kit n Is this product an editable kit
[@extra@] Extra Options **Gift Message;*-TEXT_FIELD-;LENGTH=+80 Non-inventoried extras you offer the customer at the point of purchase. See Product Import and Export Field Definitions.
[@format@] Format Soft Cover The format of the product
[@has_components@] 0 Does this product have kit components. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@has_from_price@] 1 Is the price of this child product is used on the thumbnail. Normally the cheapest but can be changed to the dearest. 1 - yes, 0 - no
[@has_mlp@] 0 Does this product have Multi Level Pricing. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@height@] Shipping Height 0.230 Shipping height in metres
[@inpromo@] 1 Is the product on promotion. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@instock@] 1 Is the product in stock. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@inventory_id@] 22343 Unique number for this product
[@is_kit@] 0 Is this a kitted product. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@itm_gp_id@] 0 A unique id for kits/variations/parent items, typically for internal use
[@itm_sortorder@] Sort Order 1 1 Sort order (ascending order)
[@itm_sortorder2@] Sort Order 2 2 Sort order (ascending order)
[@length@] Shipping Length 0.220 Shipping length in metres
[@limited_stock@] 1 Displays true when the stock is lower then the global configuration for "low stock"
[@manufacturer_model@] Manufacturer model number A7DC/K The manufacturers model number of the product
[@misc1@], [@misc2@], etc custom field name The Fault in Our Stars Custom product fields
[@mlp_price@] Multilevel Pricing 71.00 Cheapest multi level price unless regular price is cheaper
[@model@], [@name@] Name Turtles All the Way Down Product name
[@notax@] Tax Free Product n Tax Free Product. n - does attract tax, y - does not attract tax
[@parent_sku@] Parent 17MD-P SKU of the parent product
[@preorder@] 1 Is the product on pre-order. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@preorder_date@] Date arrival 2018-12-31 Returns date if in the future otherwise blank
[@preorder_quantity@] Preorder Qty 80 Quantity of the product available to be purchased on pre-order
[@price@] Price 100.00 Product price based on the group the customer is assigned to. Does not take into account promo pricing
[@product_subtype@] Subtype Paperback The product subtype
[@product_type@] Type Book The product type
[@promo_price@] Promo Price 90.00 Product promotional price based on the group the customer is assigned to
[@promo_save@] 10.00 Difference between the regular price and the promo price (percentage)
[@retail@] RRP 125.00 Recommended retail price
[@save@] 28.00 Percentage difference between the RRP and the selling price
[@save_price@] 35.00 Difference between the RRP and the selling price
[@service_only@] Service Item n Service product. Shipping methods and rates are ignored for service items
[@sh_type_id@] Shipping Category 1 ID number of the shipping category. Blank if Service Item is selected
[@short_description@] Short Description Turtles All the Way Down is a young adult novel written by American author John Green Short product description (up to 255 characters)
[@single_price@] 110.00 Price for one of this product
[@sku@] SKU 17MD-Black Product SKU
[@tax_inc@] Tax Inclusive y Price include tax. n no, y - yes
[@thumb@] Main /assets/thumb/17MD-Black.jpg Main product image thumbnail. If the child product has no image the parent image is returned
[@thumb_1@], [@thumb_2@], etc Alt 1, Alt 2, etc /assets/alt_1_thumb/17MD-Black.jpg Alt product images thumbnails
[@unit@] Selling Unit of Measure g The selling unit of measure. Can appear on invoices, etc
[@url@] Product URL http://www.mysite.com/turtles-all-the-way-down Product web address
[@weight@] Shipping Weight 0.1000 Shipping weight on kilograms
[@width@] Shipping Width 0.210 Shipping width in metres

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