Targets a page in Neto by Maropost to generate the url


[%url page:'account' type:'approve_quote' /%]


The url tag generates a URL based on the parameters. This is best practice over a static URL as it means you can change these URL's down the road and as long as the ID's stay the same, the links will continue to update and work.

Common URL uses

[%url page:'checkout' type:'cart' /%]

Note: There is also a data tag [@config:home_url@]

[%url type:'home' /%]
[%url type:'item' id:'[@sku@]' /%]

Replace 3 with the ID of your page.

[%url id:'3' /%]
[%url page:'account' type:'orders' id:'[@order_id@] /%]


Name Options Description
`page:''` `account`, `checkout`, `content`, `home`, `item`, `page` The page section you'd like to call for the url
`type:''` String The page type, applicable when a page has multiple options
`id:''` String Used to target the ID as stored in Neto, eg. `[@SKU@]`
`fn:''` String In special cases it will specify a function to perform with specific types, eg. `view` to view a specific ID of a wishlist.
`qs:''` String Query string
`nohost:''` `1` / `0` Removes protocol and domain for relative URLs. Safe for HTTPs/HTTP elements.
`https:''` `1` / `0` When set to true loads a secure HTTPS url


Parameters Link to
id:'95' Contact page
page:'account' Customer account
page:'account' type:'approve_quote' id:'' fn:'confirm' Approve Quote 1
page:'account' type:'approve_quote' Approve Quotes page
page:'account' type:'documents' Customer files
page:'account' type:'edit_account' Edit customer account details
page:'account' type:'edit_address' Edit customer address book
page:'account' type:'edit_pwd' Change Account Password
page:'account' type:'favourites' Reorder Your Favourite Items
page:'account' type:'forgotpwd' Forgot Password form
page:'account' type:'forgotusr' Forgot Username form
page:'account' type:'login' Account Login
page:'account' type:'logos' Manage Logo
page:'account' type:'logout' Logout
page:'account' type:'mystore' My Stores page
page:'account' type:'nr_track_order' Retrieve Order Tracking Information
page:'account' type:'nr_view_order' View order 2
page:'account' type:'pay_order' id:'' qs:'action=paynow' Pay invoice
page:'account' type:'payrec' Pay Outstanding Orders
page:'account' type:'print' id:'' fn:'invoice' Print invoice
page:'account' type:'register' Login / register page
page:'account' type:'resetpwd' id:'' Reset password
page:'account' type:'track_order' id:'' Track order
page:'account' type:'view_order' id:'' View order
page:'account' type:'warranty' View/close unresolved disputes
page:'account' type:'warranty' fn:'create' Open dispute 3
page:'account' type:'warranty' id:'' View dispute
page:'account' type:'wholesaleregister' Wholesale registration form
page:'account' type:'wishlist' Wishlists
page:'account' type:'wishlist' id:'' fn:'view' View Wishlist
page:'account' type:'write_contentreview' Leave a comment 4
page:'account' type:'write_review' Write product review 5
page:'checkout' Shopping Cart
page:'checkout' fn:'' Continue to Checkout
page:'checkout' fn:'3rdparty' Payment plan 6
page:'checkout' fn:'3rdparty' qs:'payment=6' PayPal button
page:'checkout' fn:'3rdparty' qs:'payproc=&payclr=y' Charge credit card
page:'checkout' fn:'payment' Checkout page
page:'checkout' fn:'quote' Create Quote From Cart
page:'checkout' fn:'upsell' Upsell page
page:'checkout' fn:'voucher' Edit Gift Voucher details
page:'checkout' qs:'rmcpn=' Remove discount
page:'checkout' qs:'sku=&gift=' Add free gift to order
type:'content' id:'' Back to content page
type:'home' Home page
type:'item' id:'' Product page
type:'page' id:'contact_us' Contact us page
type:'page' id:'subscribe' Newsletter subscribe form

1 - See customer/approve_quote/approve_quote_confirm.template.html template for list of form fields.
2 - See cart/invoice.template.html template for list of form fields.
3 - See customer/warranty/open_dispute.template.html template for list of form fields.
4 - See cms/default.template.html template for list of form fields.
5 - See customer/write_review/preview.template.html template for list of form fields.
6 - See cart/shopping_cart.template.html template for list of form fields.

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