Check what Bootstrap version your theme is using

All Neto Themes are built using the Bootstrap Framework. Depending on your theme or when you installed it, you might be running an older version which means code changes will be slightly different to what you might do on a more current theme.

To check a themes Bootstrap version follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to your Neto webstore via SFTP
  2. Navigate to the following template /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/css/app.css.
  3. At the top of the app.css stylesheet, you'll see Bootstrap vX.X.X. vX will tell you what Bootstrap version your theme is using.

Bootstrap version check

Now that you know your themes Bootstrap version you can check any specific coding requirements or restrictions via Bootstraps official documentation. Looking to update your themes Bootstrap version? Upgrading to a minor release version should be relatively straight forward (for example updating from Bootstrap v4.4.1 to v4.6.0).

  • Open your themes footer scripts template /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/templates/footers/includes/scripts.template.html
  • Locate the vendor.js file, this should be included via a [%cdn_asset%] function
  • Within that function declaration locate the version param and update the value to 4.6.0
[%cdn_asset html:'1' type:'js' library:'skeletal' version:'4.6.0'%]vendor.js[%/cdn_asset%]

This will update your current Bootstrap 4 theme to the latest version Neto supports (Bootstrap v4.6.0 / jQuery v3.5.1). As this can still introduce breaking changes it is recommended any updates to theme dependencies be done on a staging theme so a full frontend theme test can be run to ensure all webstore features still work as expected, e.g: check all dropdown menus, popups, wishlist functionality, variation selection, add to cart, shipping calculator, etc.

While you can go over the Neto supported theme dependencies by replacing the [%cdn_asset%] function with your own script includes, please note Neto cannot quarantee all theme functionality or provide support for such a change.

Don't see a vendor.js file in your themes footer scripts, or missing the footer scripts template altogether? You are likely on a Bootstrap 3 Theme. Updating to a major release version (for example updating from Bootstrap v3.4.1 to v4.6.0) requires a bit more work. Bootstrap introduced a number of breaking changes between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 meaning you cannot simply update your themes Bootstrap dependency and call it a day.

To update from a Bootstrap 3 theme to a Bootstrap 4 theme it is highly recommended to re-install your base theme. Our base theme Skeletal and all free Neto themes will be running on Bootstrap 4 so moving over to or re-installing one of these will take most of the development work out of the upgrade. Please note, this will remove any current theme customisations so ensure you keep a copy of your current theme so you can move any customisations over to the new theme (or so you know which ones need to be redone). Running a custom or premium theme? Reach out to your theme developer to check what the latest supported Bootstrap version is for your theme as this may vary for 3rd party themes.

Can't roll over to a new theme? While it is possible to patch a Bootstrap 3 theme to work with Bootstrap 4, the development time would generally outway any benefits you would see from the update. If this is required, refer to Bootstraps migration guide and be prepared to patch almost every single theme template. Again, this type of change should be performed on a staging theme and thoroughly tested throughout development to ensure all theme functionality works as expected.

Not sure about the above changes, or looking for something a bit different? If you are experienced with HTML and CSS, our developer docs provide details on the Neto by Maropost specific parts of web development. If you are not comfortable editing code, we recommend submitting a request to a Neto by Maropost design partner.

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