Let's you perform calculations with b@se tags


[%calc [@grand_total@] - [@sub_total@] + 10 * 2 /%]

Add to the existing value in a variable

Add to an existing value in a variable:

[%set [@price@] %]20[%/set%]
[%calc [@price@] += 10 /%]

Result: 30

Assign a value to a variable

You can assign a value to a variable:

[%calc [@price@] = 20 /%]

[@price@] now has the value of 20.


When using division, only display the remainder:

[%calc 45%7 /%]

Result: 3

Power (exponents)

Eight to the fifth power:

[%calc 8**5 /%]

Result: 32768


The calc tag lets you perform arithmetic on base tags and static integers for a variety of results.

You can perform calculations between static values, base tags, results from formatting with any of the operators below.

This can also be combined with the set tag for more advanced calculations.

Order of Calculation

The calc function follows that standard rules for calculation. Multiplication and division are completed first, followed by addition and subtraction. So the calculation:

[%calc 2 + 8 / 5 /%]

Returns 3.6 since 8 / 5 is calculated first. Use the brackets to force a calculation to be done before another:

[%calc (2 + 8) / 5 /%]

This will return 2.


Name Description
* Multiply
/ Divide
+ Add
+= Add to the existing value in a variable
- Subtract
= Assign a value to a variable
% Remainder
** Power
( ) Brackets to specify the order of operations

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