Generates a list of items in the cart as well as extra data around cart totals


    [%param *header%]
        <h4>Cart Items</h4>
    [%param *body%]
        <p><img src="[@thumb@]"/> [@qty@] x [@model@] x [@price@]</p>
    [%param *footer%]


The cart_items tag generates a list of all the items in your cart and includes data tags that along side a form will let you give your users the ability to edit the cart items.

This tag only updates on page load and as such won't reflect any ajax add to cart functions in a page until a refresh is forced.

Cart_items also extends to supporting tags regarding totals for the cart order and some discounts.


Name Options Description
limit:'' Integer Limit the results
template:'' Name of the template without the .template.html Loads the template specified. If there is no value, it will load the default product template
ifempty:'' HTML & b@se tags If the random_products returns no results, it'll load this block instead
*header HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space above the body
*body HTML & b@se tags Runs an array for result
*footer HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body

Data Tags (body)

Name Product Field Example Description
[@acc_code@] Custom Label/Code 220/MDC Product identifier for eBay or accounting integration
[@actual_height@] Assembled Height 0.420 Assembled height in metres
[@actual_length@] Assembled Length 0.990 Assembled length in metres
[@actual_width@] Assembled Width 1.200 Assembled width in metres
[@aff_id@] free Returns free if it is a free product added by a Discount Coupon. Blank if none
[@aff_ref@] *26 Returns the ID number of the Discount Coupon (proceeded by an *). Blank if none
[@arrival_date@] Date arrival 2018-12-31 Displays date if in the future or nothing if the date is today or in the past (YYYY-MM-DD)
[@availability_description@] Availability Description New stock arriving in December Details of when the product will be available
[@base_unit@] Base Unit of Measure kg The base unit of measure (ctn, ea, L,ml, cm, m, lb, g, kg)
[@base_unit_qty@], [@baseqty@] Base Unit Per Qty 2.0000 For display purposes only. Multiplies the actual qty by this qty. For example if base unit qty is 1.9 then a qty of 2 will display as 3.8.
[@brand@] Brand Kingston Product brand
[@cart_counter@], [@count@], [@counter@], [@line@], [@total_items@] 0 Counts for every time the body param is run as a whole number integer
[@date_delivery@] 2018-08-16 00:00:00 The first available delivery date or the date the customer selected. This will be blank if the desired delivery date selector is not turned on
[@discount@] 10.00 Discount amount based on the applicable discount coupons. Returns 0 if it is a free product on a discount coupon
[@editable_bundle@] Editable Kit n Is this product an editable kit. n - no, y - yes
[@extra@] Extra Options Gift message: Happy Mother's Day; Non-inventoried extras you offer the customer at the point of purchase. Displays the option name followed by the value. Options are semicolon separated
[@gifts_available@] Freebies 1 Are there free gifts available for the product. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@has_extra@] Extra Options 1 Product has extra options. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@inventory_id@] 22343 Unique number for this product
[@is_au_gst_exempted@] AU GST Exempt 0 If you are based outside Australia and need to pay GST, this indicates if GST is applicable on this product. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@item_count@] 1 Counter for the cart entry. Starts at 1
[@itm_sortorder@] Sort Order 1 1 Sort order (ascending order)
[@itm_sortorder2@] Sort Order 2 2 Sort order (ascending order)
[@manufacturer_model@] Manufacturer model number A7DC/K The manufacturers model number of the product
[@misc1@], [@misc2@], etc custom field name The Fault in Our Stars Custom product fields
[@model@] Name Turtles All the Way Down Product name
[@notax@] Tax Free Product n Tax Free Product. n - does attract tax, y - does not attract tax
[@parent_inventory_id@] 22237 If the item is a child item, returns the ID number of the parent product
[@parent_name@] John Green Collection If the item is a child item, returns the name of the parent product
[@parent_sku@] Parent BA72-4 If the item is a child item, returns the SKU of the parent product
[@preorder@] 1 Is the product on pre-order. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@price@] Price 100.00 Product price based on the group the customer is assigned to. Does not take into account promo pricing
[@product_discount@] 22.00 Running total of the discount applied to the order excluding this and successive order lines
[@product_total@] 110.00 Running total of the price of the products excluding this and successive order lines
[@qty@] 1 Quantity ordered of this product
[@retail@] RRP 125.00 Recommended retail price
[@service_only@] Service Item n Service product. Shipping methods and rates are ignored for service items
[@sh_group_id@] 17 ID number for the selected shipping method on this order
[@sh_type_id@] Shipping Category 1 ID number of the shipping category. Blank if Service Item is selected
[@ship_zip@] 4215 Postcode / zip if it has been entered or the customer is logged in
[@shipping@] Shipping Weight 15.0000 Shipping weight of the product in kilograms
[@shipping_discount@] 1 Is there a discount on the shipping cost using a Discount Coupon. 0 - no, 1 - yes
[@shipping_method@] Standard Shipping Name of the shipping method for the order, if selected
[@shipping_method_id@] 1 ID number of the shipping method for the order, if selected
[@shipping_status@] normal Type of shipping. Options: normal, free
[@shipping_total@] 10.00 The total cost of the shipping in the order based on session shipping method if any methods are available. If all shipping options require user input such as post code and none is loaded in session, this will print 0
[@sku@] SKU 17MD-Black Product SKU
[@store_price@] 110.00 Price for one of this product
[@store_quantity@] Qty On Hand 26 Available stock to sell. It is calculated by the total of all the warehouses minus the committed stock
[@subtitle@] Subtitle Fiction Normally appears below the name of the product on product pages
[@subtotal@] 297.50 The subtotal of the items in the order
[@thumb@] Main /assets/thumb/17MD-Black.jpg Main product image thumbnail. If the child product has no image the parent image is returned
[@total_gifts@] Freebies 2 Number of free gift options available for this product
[@unit@] Selling Unit of Measure g The selling unit of measure. Can appear on invoices, etc
[@url@] Product URL Product web address
[@warranty@] Warranty Loads the text from the warranty description block

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