Getting Started

Neto by Maropost customers often count on features and third-party integrations around shipping, accounting, inventory management and more, to automate, streamline and optimise different parts of their eCommerce business. Neto's webstore front end, powered by our CMS, compliments these. This makes Neto the full package: as an online merchant using Neto, you can automate and streamline your behind-the-scenes processes while also having a custom and easy-to-use website for your customers to purchase products from.

As a webstore platform, Neto has 3 primary components:

  • The Database
  • The Control Panel
  • The Front End

The Database

This is where things like your products, customers and orders are securely stored. We do not provide database access to third-parties, so the only way you can make changes to this is via your Neto control panel or our API. Your Neto control panel also allows you to import/export certain data such as products into the database via CSV.

The Control Panel

Your Neto control panel (the back end) is where you and your staff process orders, configure products and setup content.

The Front End

The front end of your webstore is where your customers can browse and purchase products. As a designer, this is your playground.

Experienced designers can request FTP access to their website's filesystem, which is where the HTML, CSS, Javascript and image assets are kept. By customising these templates and assets, you can totally transform how your Neto website looks and works.

Learn more about the FTP folder structure here

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