Generates a breadcrumb for the current page based on the content levels it belongs to


    [%param *header%]
        <li><a href="[%url page:'home' /%]">Home</a></li>
    [%param *body%]
        <li><a href="[@url@]">[@name@]</a></li>
    [%param *footer%]


The breadcrumb tag will generate a site breadcrumb based on the content levels as defined in Neto by Maropost. The header tag ideally contains the link to the home page though is statically defined, however the body parameters will list all the content levels that the active page is stored in, then print the page itself.


Name Options Description
`*header` HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space above the body
`*body` HTML & b@se tags Runs for every page the current page is nested in
`*footer` HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body

Data Tags (body)

Name Example Description
`[@count@]` 0 An incremental count that runs each array starting at **0**
`[@id@]` 11 The ID of the page
`[@name@]` About Us The page name
`[@type@]` category The page type. Product categories, brands, blog posts, custom content types all return **category**
`[@url@]` /page/about-us/ The url to the page

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