Value tags

Data tags that call data from dynamic sources such as logged in users, URL's & Control panel configurations.




These data tags function just like any other, so you can use them in conjunction with formatting & logic tags as needed. However, they have special properties regarding the kinds of data each tag calls. You can find examples of each type below.

User data

Loads data from the current logged in user.


So the example above would print the current session's user email - provided some one was logged in.

Name Description
[@user:active@] Prints true when the user has their account set to "active"
[@user:addr_id@] The address ID for the selected primary address book address
[@user:approval_username@] The username of the account assigned as the parent "approval" account to the current account
[@user:balance@] The total account balance in dollar amount
[@user:bill_city@] The billing city name
[@user:bill_company@] The billing company name
[@user:bill_country@] The billing country name
[@user:bill_first_name@] The billing first name
[@user:bill_last_name@] The billing surname
[@user:bill_state@] The billing state name
[@user:bill_street1@], [@bill_street2@] The billing street address fields 1 & 2
[@user:bill_zip@] The billing zip/post code
[@user:card_type@] The card type ID of the payment method when credit card
[@user:card_type_name@] The card type name of the payment method when credit card
[@user:classification1@], [@user:classification2@] User classification groups assigned to user.
[@user:credit@] Current user credit available
[@user:credit_limit@] Current user credit limit
[@user:credit_onhold@] Current user credit on hold
[@user:doctmpl_id@] The unique ID of the document template set assigned to that user
[@user:email@] Primary user email address
[@user:fax@] Fax number
[@user:group_id@] User price group ID
[@user:haslogin@] Prints true when user has password on account
[@user:ipaddress@] The public IP address of user
[@user:is_prospect@] Prints true when customer type set to prospect
[@user:order_comment@] Internal note on order
[@user:is_residential@] Prints true when customer is set to residential type
[@user:phone@] Customer phone number
[@user:referral_username@] Username of referral user
[@user:registration_date@] Date the customer registered account
[@user:sales_agent@] Sales agent responsible for customer
[@user:ship_city@] Shipping city name
[@user:ship_company@] Shipping company name
[@user:ship_country@] Shipping country name
[@user:ship_fax@] Shipping fax number
[@user:ship_first_name@] Shipping first name
[@user:ship_last_name@] Shipping surname
[@user:ship_phone@] Shipping phone number
[@user:ship_state@] Shipping state name
[@user:ship_street1@], [@user:ship_street2@] Shipping street name and description fields 1 & 2
[@user:ship_title@] The label for the address in an address book
[@user:ship_zip@] The shipping zip/post code
[@user:terms@] The order terms
[@user:user_id@] The unique ID for the user account
[@user:usercustom1@], [@user:usercustom2@], [@user:usercustom3@], [@user:usercustom8@], [@user:usercustom9@], [@user:usermisc1@] Custom reference and misc fields for account
[@user:username@] The username for the account

Form data

Loads data from a URL query string. As an example, if you loaded a page with the following url

Then the following tag :


Would print :


Config data

This loads webshop configurations based on the ID in the control panel, for example, the store phone number


This is also the method for loading custom configurations.

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