Gift Voucher

What is the Gift Voucher email?

This email is sent to the Gift Voucher recipient at the selected date and time. The email contains the voucher number and secret code the recipient will need to redeem their voucher in the checkout.

When does the Gift Voucher email send?

When the customer adds a Gift Voucher to an order, they are asked to enter the details of the recipient and when the voucher is emailed. The process that sends the voucher emails runs once an hour by default.

When adding a Gift Voucher in the control panel, you will need to add the recipient details.

How do I turn on the Gift Voucher email?

The Gift Voucher Program is an Add-On feature. It needs to be turned on and setup before you can start selling the gift vouchers. Check out how to turn on the Gift Voucher Program.

How can I configure the Gift Voucher email?

The email template can be edited in the control panel or using SFTP. To edit from the Neto by Maropost dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings & Tools > All Settings & Tools.
  2. Click on System Templates tab and click Email Templates.
  3. Scroll down and click on Gift Voucher Emails.

Available B@se Tags

**Tag** **Description**
`[@date_start@]`Start date of the voucher program
`[@message@]`Message from customer to the recipient
`[@order_id@]`Order number that the gift voucher was ordered on
`[@recipient_email@]`Email address of the gift voucher recipient
`[@recipient_name@]`Name of the gift voucher recipient
`[@reward_amount@]`Value of the gift voucher
`[@reward_points@]`Points value (if used)
`[@sender_email@]`Email address of the customer
`[@sender_name@]`Name of the customer
`[@show_points@]``1` to display points or `0` to display dollar amount
`[@voucher_balance@]`Available gift voucher balance
`[@voucher_code@]`Gift voucher code
`[@voucher_description@]`Gift voucher description
`[@voucher_expiry_date@]`Expiry date of the gift voucher. Blank if **Vouchers / Points Expire** not set
`[@voucher_secret@]`Gift voucher secret key
`[@voucher_subtitle@]`Gift voucher subtitle
`[@voucher_title@]`Gift voucher title
`[@voucher_type@]`Voucher type
`[@vprogram_expire_date@]`Date the voucher program will end
`[@vprogram_use_days@]`Number of days the voucher is valid for
`[@vprogram_use_end@]`Date customers can earn points on this program
`[@vprogram_use_start@]`Date customers will stop earning points on this program

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