Bulk Pack Report

What is a Bulk Pack Report?

A bulk pack report is a printable document which shows the details for each product that has been packed during the bulk-pack process. It typically contains basic order and product information.

The bulk-pack process is intended to facilitate the packing of multiple orders at the same time, rather than multiple products in the same order as per the standard pack process.

How to print a Bulk Pack Report

To run the report you must have the Batch Order Processing addon installed, and process orders in bulk. Once orders have been packed you will have the option to print the report, there is no way to print this after the process has completed.

Accessing Bulk Pack Reports via FTP

Templates for the Bulk Pack Report are stored here on the file server: /private/www/netosuite/SysDoc/printdocs/order/bulkresults.

We recommend backing-up all print docs before making modifications.

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